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Word of mouth and recommendation is often the best way to be sure that you are making the right decision.  Below you will find some testimonials made by Myal and Peg's clients but more telling, if you scroll down through the events diary, is how many repeat booking they do, surely that is the best testimonial.

Sharon Ellis, "Cropredy 375" Organising Committee


Arundel Castle

I was so impressed by Myal and Peg's performances at our re-enactment and historical events that I immediately booked them for next year's programme. The atmosphere around the castle and gardens is beautifully enhanced by their melodic tunes which really add to our visitors' sensory experience. Their great strength for me is that they will see a gap, move and fill that gap with their music and good humoured interaction with everyone. For all of us at Arundel Castle, they are two wonderfully warm, good natured and approachable people to work with.

Stephen Manion, Arundel Castle Manager


Aylesbury Charter Day

It’s great to work with people who have a “can do” attitude – thank you

Ruth Mayhew, Aylesbury Town Council


Secondary School: Newstead Wood, Orpington, Kent

I should like to thank you for once again for providing another excellent Enrichment week activity.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the occasion,

Ben Greene, Newstead Wood School, Orpington, Kent


Pendennis Castle

Had a fantastic day today, could you please forward me the names of the groups involved and the wonderful musicians who taught my children to dance. If you ever need a rave review let me know. Thanks again. Yours M. Baxter.

Received via English Heritage


Westgate Museum, Winchester

I would like to thank you both very much for visiting and for entertaining the people of Winchester.  I was impressed by your music and your costumes, and the pleasant way you interacted with visitors.

Robin Iles, Venues & Learning Manager, Hampshire Cultural Trust


Historical Venues: Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre

Dear Myal and Peg - this is just a quick note to say a BIG Thank You for your performances over the Battle Re-enactment weekend, they were thoroughly enjoyed by staff and the public alike

The welcome playing was an excellent introduction to the day and brought many a smile to the public as they entered the site

The medieval dancing sessions were also enjoyed by the public and again brought another dimension to the event

We look forward to welcoming you to Bosworth next year

Kind regards


Mark Wilkinson, Heritage Development Manager


Museum: St. Fagan's

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Myal and friends not only during our event but also leading up to it.  I've never worked with such helpful and co-operative contributors, the event certainly benefited from their invaluable input and knowledge. The team attracted over sixteen thousand visitors over the weekend and compelled several visitors and staff alike to leave glowing comments about their performance.  I am very much looking forward to working with them all on future events.

Mared Maggs, St Fagans: National History Museum


Chatsworth House

Myal has been a regular contributor at our annual Tudor Festival since its inception.  His fine playing adds a great deal of ambience to the festival and he is friendly and approachable and cheerfully talks to the public.  I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone putting on an event

David Spencer, Chatsworth House Trust.


Schools: Piper's Vale Primary

I'd recommend you to any teacher.

Sue Woods, Piper's Vale Primary, Ipswich



Secondary School: Cedar Mount School

The first time I was lucky enough to work with Myal was when we took a group of pupils to a Tudor Manor in the Welsh Marshes for a residential. The pupils’ lasting memory was learning and performing The Washerwoman Tudor Dance whilst Myal both called and played the bagpipes at the same time!  The evening was even more memorable as the pupils were in costume and were performing on the lawns outside the Manor watched by the sheep and some walkers who thought they had been caught in some kind of time warp.

Due to the success of the residential we were able to persuade Myal and Peg to travel up North to help us with a Tudor Day transition project.  Year 5 pupils arrived at our school where they were met by Henry VIII and one of his wives and were piped into the building by Myal and Peg.  As well as teaching the pupils some of the Tudor dances they also led some felting sessions.  The day was a huge success and there was a real buzz around the building.  At break Myal and Peg were surrounded by older pupils asking them about their costumes and what they were doing.  It was a real example of History coming alive.



As a teacher I found Myal and Peg extremely easy to work with as well as fun!!  They had a massive input into the planning of the day and I was able to draw on their vast experience for putting together resources.  I look forward to working with them again!

Suzanne Brooks, Cedar Mount School, Manchester





Having Myal play at both our wedding service and our reception was a real injection of fun into our special day.  The pipes sounding out in the church made for something of a change to the organ and everyone enjoyed the different approach, even adapting a few of the traditional tunes!  At the reception the lively music got things going and we would recommend anyone looking for an exciting alternative to use Myal for any occasion.

David & Liz Babbister



Thank you for making our wedding celebrations absolutely magical

Mark & Sally Whitehouse


thank you for making our day so special. x x

Beth & Dean ****



Museum Services: Suffolk County Council

Myal always pitches his activities/workshops to ideally suit his audience, on this occasion, adults with learning disabilities.  He creates a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in which to learn and provides a wide variety of activities to suit the learning styles of the Museum Clubs members.  They have made musical instruments, acted in plays, learned songs and taken part in object handling sessions over the course of several workshops.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Myal, not only are his sessions inspirational and fun learning experiences but he is also extremely reliable and professional.


Steph Parmee

Museum Project Officer

Suffolk County Council


Primary School: Rayleigh Primary School, Essex

Myal spent two and a half days at our school working with all the children from Year 2 through to Year 6.The kids had a great time learning a variety of Tudor dances and songs.  It was fantastic to see so many children enjoying a new experience. Myal even got my son to dance, and that never happens!

Myal played a huge part in the success of our Tudor Pageant week, his contributions to the children's learning over the two days of workshops were invaluable and on the morning of the pageant his pipes gave us the atmosphere we were trying to evoke, it was the kind of event that the children and parents will talk about for many years.  I look forward to having Myal come back to our school in the future.

Tim Eagling, Rayleigh Primary School, Essex