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If you've arrived at this page it maybe that you've seen the waggon somewhere, albeit on the tinternet, or possibly you've had the misfortune of following us down the road, unable to pass, in this case, then, sorry!

This beautiful thing, our Bowtop Waggon, our Vardo, our Towavardo, our Gypsy Wagon, call it what you will, was a painstaking labour of love and, dare we say, hate for 16 months.

Born out of wet summers, where we put up and took down our authentic tent, weekend after weekend, in the rain.  We decided we needed somewhere to dry out our costumes and shoes at the end of a day's work.  It's an "age" thing!

Once finished we were so very delighted with the results.

Though it is not designed to be for historical settings, we have used it as a backdrop at venues such as wood fairs and folk festivals or anywhere else where it doesn't matter if we mix up our historical periods.

We have played (though not on the stage!) in costume at Fairport Convention's Cropredy Festival near Banbury, Oxfordshire, for a few years and have been warmly welcomed by its fine body of frequenters.

As with all our other belongings, instruments, clothes and accoutrements, we are always happy to talk to interested folk about the waggon.

Here's how it started.





In the kitchen; it was too cold outside for the glue to dry or. indeed, our hands to work  Much of the ends and sides were made during the same perishing winter.

There were no plans as such, just an idea of how it should look in our minds (and that sometimes varied between us leading to much discourse, or do we mean discord!).  We did stick paper together to make a template for the front and back so that they were the same.  We needn't have bothered.  Wood.  It does as it wishes.  Very frustrating.


We designed the rest as we went along.



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