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Whatever the venue or requirement he can bring replica artefacts to add to the experience and understanding of Anglo-Saxon life and culture.

Artefacts that may be handled and instruments that may indeed be played.

He also shows how many of the words and place names used by the Anglo Saxons are still familiar to us today.



Although not designed specifically with children's education to the forefront Myal, as Æthel, a Thane, a King's man, a traveller with duties both great and small, can still share his world, his life, with children as well as adults alike.

With his love of music, land and people, he will tell of how he and his kind live, hunt, fight and make merry.







PS. The music you are listening to was recorded by Mark/Myal/Æthel for West Stow Anglo-Saxon village, Suffolk and released on his CD Lyre Song.