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Myal and Peg are experienced historical interpreters, who can help bring your Medieval, Tudor or Civil War event or venue to life.  They have worked all over the country, at museums, English Heritage and National Trust sites, historic markets, local history days and other private venues and also for The National Museum of Wales.


Wearing medieval, Henrician, Elizabethan or English Civil War costume they will, as far as decency permits, cook, eat and live authentically, with many artefacts to spark conversation.


Additionally, if required, they can bring along an authentic tent (the flap left open so that the curious may peer inside) which could be furnished to make a visually pleasing, interesting and self contained living history encampment.



Over the years, within the encampment, many things have taken place. Ducks have been prepared for the spit, in order to fill our bellies; animals skinned; felting and working with fleece; or fleecing of a different kind, at cards or dice, educating those that wish to listen on the games of the time; there is often laughter, be it at a jest or jape or the incredulity of the language or the attitudes to life at those times.


Their main business, as travelling players is, of course, to entertain.  They will play for the pleasure of listening and also to involve the public by teaching them a period dance.  This can either be done at regular points within the day or upon request or both!

Both are well used to speaking to the visitors and very happy to converse in first or third person, dependant on the audience’s requirements.